In the Wake of the Snake

So I recently made my first commercial game Hyper Snake on iOS free for 48 hours. It was unranked anywhere because apple decided to take a big shit on me that day but still, totally not bitter. Here are some post sale figures.

During the sale I got a total of >58k free downloads. About 32k people are currently on the leader boards, so some of the downloaders either haven’t played it still after downloading, are only playing it offline, or instantly deleted it without playing online.

Post-sale, here are the stats:

Initial jump up was nice, expected a jump from publicity. After that it tailed off (as expected) then suddenly I got reviewed by a Russian site ( and for a few days Russia was my favourite country. The game got up to the top 100 paid apps which was cool to see. These figures started to fall again and now I’m not really making any waves on rankings any more but that’s fine. The whole point of the sale was to increase visibility and get people passing along recommendations for it through word of mouth (if they enjoyed it of course!).

It’s been fun to see all this happening and still blows my mind to think thousands of people have played a game I made, I like that a lot. If the game brings me in a but of cash each month that’d be great but I’m not expecting much. For what has been basically, a big learning exercise, I’m pretty happy with how everything’s turned out. A bonus of all of this was that the game has returned 90% positive feedback which I’m really happy with. Average ratings across the board are around 4.5/5 stars.

So making it free for 48 hours got me an influx of players, a little bit more cash in the end, and a lot more visibility. My sales before this event were around 3 a week, so it was totally worth it. If you’re in a similar situation, I’d recommend giving it a go. Just make sure to send out press releases and try and get it organised in advance to maximise the waves you make as you make the dive.

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