So I just released a small game, Telepaint for Windows (working on the OSX version now) which you can download and play from HERE.

The game was originally made in a weekend for the Manchester Maker Faire, where we used 6 GIANT buttons for the controls. Since then, I’d been meaning to add a few more levels, tidy some stuff and release it as a small free game adjusted for keyboard use rather than stamping on giant buttons. However, my engine was subject to some bugs which caused it to not render on slightly older cards, but recently I fixed that (good news for Chroma there too!) and now the games out to play! :)

It’s a short puzzle/action game, try it out and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

In other news, LUDUM DARE IS TOMORROW! That came round fast, excitement is me. Off to the Manchester Game Jam once again, fun shall be had (as well as shit loads of red bull) and need to get my laptop set up for developing on again, not used my Mac in aaaaggges; but when it’s set up and running my code I can also build Telepaint (and Chroma) on Mac!

What a busy and productive week it’s been.

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