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Today is 5 days since I released Telepaint and it’s just passed 1000 downloads which is pretty cool – thanks to everyone that’s played. It’s strange how it’s difficult to even market a free game; I sent off a few emails to some sites (, etc ) and some of them covered it which I’m really thankful for – there’s no point making games if no one knows they exist and so no one plays them!

If anyone reads this and has feedback about that game, I’d love to hear it. People tell me about bugs or that they liked it, but I’ve not had much critical feedback. I’ve had a few suggestions from some people and on the article which is cool and gave me something to think about – good ideas too.

Aside from this, back to work on Chroma after fixing bugs in the game engine whilst working on Telepaint which is cool. Experimenting with some things at the moment but I need to get cracking – damn day job gets in the way of game development which makes me a sad panda. IGF deadline is looming and I hope to enter Chroma, IF I can get the starting area into a decent state; it will be a massive challenge, but no doubt a rewarding one. Booked 2 weeks off work to go all out on it which starts in ~3 weeks.

Summary: I’m back working on Chroma and if you have comments about Telepaint or anything please get in touch. Cheers!

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9 thoughts on “Stuff and things.

  1. No mention of Ludum Dare? You didn’t enter the competition finally? :(

    Btw it’s cool to know you’ve got some coverage for Telepaint! I have yet to play it, but I’ll give you some feedback for sure when I do.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t enter after all, I couldn’t think of an idea that made me excited :( I spent the time fixing bugs in Telepaint, so it wasn’t wasted, but it would have been good to make something. I’ll try again next time – hopefully the theme will do more for me; evolution and the previous tiny world theme just didn’t really inspire me.

      Thanks! Would be cool to hear your feedback :)

  2. Hey Mark, I LOVE Telepaint and can’t wait for Chroma. I host a podcast kinda thing on my little blog, and I would love it if you were up to doing an interview on it. Love the game and can’t wait for more stuff from you.

    • Thanks, glad you like telepaint! :)

      I don’t have much time at the moment for an interview, I’m incredibly busy in the lead up to the IGF – got a lot of stuff to be done and not enough time to do it :P
      PS. None of your audio files on your blog seem to play for me (using Chrome – IE didn’t work either)

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