Two Thousand and Twelve

Thought I’d write a post about the year in summary, particularly my favourite games of the year.

There’s been a bunch of really great games released in 2012 throughout the year, and I’ve still not had chance to play most of them. But there are two games that really stick out to me as my favourites of the year, and pretty much make it onto my list of favourite games of all time.

Super Hexagon


Pretty much a masterpiece of design purity, I’ve really poured way too many hours into this game and I’m still coming back for more. One of the outstanding things about Super Hexagon (to me) is that it has an actual end, simple thing for a game to have I know, but it seems unexpected in this kind of arcade game. The ending is fucking mindblowing, seriously. I saw Terry complete it at gamecity and people left the room carrying their jaws. After that I played it every day until I could complete it myself. He said some interesting things that stuck a chord with me at gamecity (Terry, that is), he said he liked it when a game doesn’t care if a player can complete it all (paraphrasing here). You can see this kind of theme through his other games, most notably VVVVVV, which is also preeeeetty hard in some places.

Anyway I realised I liked that too, I just never noticed. Even Braid had those stars that most players probably never got. I think this prospect will be at the heart of Chroma, so if I ever say Super Hexagon was an inspiration and people are like “say whaaaaat?” you know what I mean (hopefully). Hard games are good games.

This links in nicely to a game which is now probably my favourite game of all time:



This game totally surprised me in the best ways possible. I was super hyped for it before it came out, looked gorgeous seemed complex and interesting and just generally made my face produce drool. When it was released after that notoriously long development time, it became clear why it took so long.

The game was WAY deeper and more complex than I could have ever imagined a game to be. It made me think of the TV show LOST (before the final season/episode where my hopes and dreams were crushed into oblivion). So many secrets, have they all been discovered? Probably not. That’s what I love about Fez. Not only is it a beautiful and technical masterpiece, playing it feels like I’m taking a glimpse at a slice of time on an infinite timeline, the world feels soaked in history that goes back thousands of years and forward thousands more.

I could probably (and have) talk(ed) for ages and ages (especially after a couple of pints) about why Fez is one of the best games ever made, but I’ll keep it short and say, if you haven’t played it, play it. Hopefully it’ll be out on PC sometime soon for the people that don’t have Xboxs and I’ll probably play through it all again.

So those two have been my top games of the year, and fill me with hope and inspiration. I look forward to 2013 in which I hope to release Chroma. My aim/dream is that maybe someone will write a post like this next year and Chroma will be one of their favourite games of the year. Anyway late merry Christmas and happy new year guys!

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