Dawn of a New Day

So here I go, today I finished my job and I’m now a full time independent game making person.

Chroma is now my day job, so pretty exciting stuff. Also signed a contract with audio creation person and super cool dude James Dean to do the audio for the game today – looking forward to working with him and doing some weird and interesting things with sound.

So it’s an exciting time, also a fucking terrifying, because if I screw up I kinda end up homeless and stuff so there’s that. I have enough in the bank to live off for at least a year + go to some events like GDC at some point so I should be okay for a while.

The one thing I’m weary of is going more insane, lack of human contact while I sit in my room all day tapping on a keyboard. I’ll do many things to avoid this but hopefully I’ll handle it.

Also, Antichamber today – fuck yeah.

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