I should write more stuff down in case I accidentally make something useful/interesting.

I thought I’d lay down some of my process of creating art for Chroma. I’m not gonna go into detail about the normal mapping process because I’d need to think of how to explain it and my caffeine is wearing off so I’m gonna dodge that one for now.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so here is my art process from left to right, top to bottom in order of progression:


1) Concept scketch/doodle on paper. I drew a bunch of these for this thing and couldn’t get anything on paper that great so I just dived in with this basic shape I liked and thought I’d fill in the gaps later.

2) Basic layout and color selection

3) Start filling in some ambient lighting (or ambient occlusion, is that right? whatever it’s called I’m just burning the image to make it a little bit ‘front-lit’)

4) Adding in some detail and contrast (the orange removed from the later bits as it’s place-holder and will be glowy-material in game).

5) Playing with contrast and color/brightness etc.

6) More color and constrast tweaking. Saturated it slightly, added spots of rust and a bit of visual noise.

Then I made the normal map (again I’ll probably explain this process in some detail another day):


Aaaaand here’s what it looks like in game:

There’s still a lot to do for it, I’ll continue it tomorrow or some time with fresh eyes.

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