CHROMA is an exploration based puzzle and mystery game designed and developed by myself (Mark Foster) with sound design by James Dean.

Take control of a bulb that emits large amounts of light, casting shadows around the environment. You gain the ability to split off from your light form (freezing it in place) and become a shadow, and can walk upon the shadows projected onto the surrounding surfaces.

An open-world/non-linear adventure that gives the player the opportunity to discover the world’s mechanics and story for themselves.



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27 thoughts on “CHROMA

    • I’m not sure when it will end up being finished, there are a lot of factors to consider between where it is currently and that end point – but it won’t be too soon.

      I hope it will be done within a year, but that’s if I quit the day job within this year to focus on it full time (which I very much want/plan to do). But it could be longer if other things end up getting in the way or if development just takes longer than I’d planned. I want it to be the best game it possibly can so last thing I’d want to do is rush anything.

    • I’m using Codeblocks on windows for programming, then photoshop for art. It’s my own engine in C++ and OpenGL using SDL for the window and input :)

  1. Hey, WOW! Looks AMAZING! Sorry about all the caps, just exited! is there somewhere i can donate to help the game? I know your games are free but i would like to contribute :) E-Mail me about the details okay? Don’t have much money, but again, would love to help with production! :) and i don’t want to be a producer though, just give you the money, and that’s it! :) like a donation. :)

    • Thanks that’s very kind of you – but I wouldn’t feel right taking your money. I’m living comfortably at the moment (still have a day job) and there’s probably millions of people worse off than me. I’ll be selling this game though, so you can give me some money when it’s finished ;)

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    • I don’t want to give too much away, but it revolves heavily around colour and light (as you can imagine!)

      The main focus of the game is discovering what the story is, where are you? What are you? Who are you? What is this place? I like mysteries in games :)

  3. I’m really looking forward to playing this. Is it going to be a for-profit game? I only ask because it seems like something I’d pay for, and I’d be very interested in getting in on alpha/beta testing in exchange for preordering a la Overgrowth:

    • Yeah I’ll be selling this one, but open alpha/beta won’t really work – it’s kind of all or nothing, since the world is one big level and not segregated it makes it hard to lock parts away if they’re not finished.

      And thanks for the comments about LMA + telepaint, glad you enjoyed them!

  4. Holy cow. As soon as I saw the first “dimension switch” (or whatever you’ve come accustomed to calling it, if it has a name), the first words that came to my mind were ‘unheard of’ and ‘creativity’. To be able to walk on the line between shadow and light is a concept few have probably ever thought of, and you went a step further to develop a game based on said concept. Phenomenal. I’m very excited to see this game go places. Keep doing what you do best!

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