Leaf Me Alone

A game made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 26, Theme: Minimalism.

A ‘minimalist’ metroidvania, focusing on ambience and the feel of the world to create a nice place to wander around.




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9 thoughts on “Leaf Me Alone

  1. This was a fun little game! It took me a long time to figure out that the lower you open your leaf in a flower’s air stream, the higher it will send you, but I should have figured that there would be complexity in the wind mechanics of a game based entirely on it. I’m looking forward to trying telepaint next!

  2. This is a great game with great atmosphere, but for the life of me I can’t reach that darn squirrel! I am just below him and cannot get any higher, and I’ve explored all the rest of the map (what is accessible, anyway) and can get no further. Would a teeny, tiny hint be out of the question? I really really want to keep playing, but after 40 mins of being stuck and systematically exhausting every possibility I can come up with, I’m ready to throw in the towel.
    Which is a pity, because it really seems to be a great game.

      • Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

        I finished it, and thoroughly enjoyed it! The music is particularly beautiful, as are all the little background critters (birds etc.)

        Thankyou for such a nice game!

  3. Loved it. Would love to see this developed into larger game.
    Can’t wait to see what else you’ll create. ♥
    –found you from bontegames.com

  4. Hey Mark,

    same here: I love your games and can’t wait to explore Chroma! Hold on to your beautiful work as a game dev – you’ve surely gotten the talent to go fulltime with this as well.

    One question concerning “Leaf Me Alone”: I finished the game – but didn’t find any owl. A user at Ludum Dare allegedly spotted it – possible? The only thing (besides the invisible block at the end) i found was some kind of item in the upper heights of the tree in the left, which has been crossed out. What he heck? Please tell me! :D

    Kind regards from Cologne,


    • The owl is in the top area where you find the seed – left of there but only appears at night ;) It’s actually glitched in the current build but I thought it was funny so left it as it was
      And that crossed out thing you found was my attempt at humor – it’s supposed to be a NO FEZ sign since everyone kept telling me the game was a fez clone :P

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