So today was fun, played games at the MCR Mini Maker’s faire using 6 giant coloured buttons. Managed to get my game running too which was great, had a lot of fun playing it with other people – I didn’t realise how hard I’d made it but it was a great sense of achievement when we beat the last level with teamwork!


Plenty of other games there too, and loads of other stuff that made me feel like a child again, giant k’nex (or whatever they’re called) and a GIANT ETCH A SKETCH which was sweeeet, you even shook it to clear it.

But yeah, fun day. Also showed some people Chroma, still not much to show but they liked it.

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Big button game jam today, although I won’t be doing any real jamming, maybe some jam-debugging if my game I already made doesn’t work. Hopefully it will, then fun will be had.

Also #screenshotsaturday

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Sssssssales over

So I left Hyper Snake free for 48 hours. Apple fucked up by screwing app ranks for those days so I didn’t get ranked at all, so missed out on some massive opportunities based on download numbers. Total downloads over the 48 hours was:


Holy fucking fuck. That’s a lot of people, in just two days.

So I missed out on more publicity for it due to the ranking failure, but it was still successful. It’s cool to think thousands of people could be playing my game! It’s back up to a dollar now, so it will be interesting to see if I can bring in some stable sales over the next few weeks/months. Since I’m hoping to go full time on Chroma in the near future, this would be a massive help to me.

Fun story, a friend of mine was hanging with her boyfriend (whom I have never met), and they had a conversation along these lines whilst he was on his iPhone:

him: “holy shit this is cool”
her: “what?”
him: “oh just some snake game”

And you can pretty much guess the rest. Small world, successful promotion. Made my day.

Thanks to everyone who retweeted my shitty spam and told their friends about the game etc, really appreciate it. I’ll keep an eye on sales and ranks and probably post here + on TIGs with some data to show how this free period impacted sales.

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Free as a (Hyper) Snake.

Title makes no sense but alright.

My first commercial game Hyper Snake on iPhone and iPad is now free for 24 hours (maybe longer if it seems like a good idea)

Link: App Store

If you haven’t played it now’s your chance to grab a copy, hope you enjoy!

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Chroma Cartography

The map for Chroma is starting to gain life and soul. Starting out as a blocked out line drawing on paper segmented into ‘areas’ I have now got most of the initial area mapped out in the editor; of course a lot of it could change but it’s exciting to see it come together and leaves me open to move onward to surrounding areas – more art work to be done! Looking forward to coming up with more environment art, creative and fun.

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Chroma Log Update


Having some artistic fun after getting some technical stuff working with how the map/environment system works. And now to get drunk.

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Default Hello World Post.

Made a blog/site thing. Hopefully I can use wordpress to make it easy to maintain but still flexible enough to make sites for each of my games. No idea what I’m doing. Hi.

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