Mark Foster
Based in Manchester, UK

Release date:
1 May, 2012

PC / Mac


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Chroma is an exploration mystery and puzzle game, set in a dark, lonely world.


The game started out being developed while I was working full time as a software engineer; I went on to quit my job after saving enough money to hopefully last until the project's end. It's one of the games I wanted to make as a kid, but warped through my adult eyes.


  • Normal mapped pixel art and dynamic lighting + shadows.
  • Use of light, shadow and colors to create mechanically interesting puzzles and environments.
  • Unique use of color and music tied together, occasionally making waves in the silence of the world.
  • Play as a lightbulb, illuminate a path, and walk on your shadows.
  • A game that may push in directions that are unexpected.


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      James Dean
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